sábado, 10 de enero de 2009


Chapineichons del 2009.

We Start good of egg this 09. With all the contributions, help and support. Basicly good pools but with tenis. Making eggs to make the mere dick in these 12 new months of chingaderas. So here we are with the new chapineichons....Please enjoy it!

It gave me harmony!

Me dió armonía.

Boil to me the Eggs!

Me hierven los huevos!

It gave to him the night watchman!

Le dió el Sereno!

It hit him the Gale!

Le pegó el chiflón!

The Doll of tortilas

El muñeco de Tortillas!

With Doll or Whit out Doll?

Con muñeco o sin muñeco?

Do you want one your litlle coffe

Quiere un su cafecito?

She likes the rice with Pork!

Le gusta el arroz con tunco!

The poor my fat team want to thanks to our friend Jesi Shitspretty (JesiCa Galindo) for all the ideas and translations. Thank Jesi.

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Seletenango dijo...

esa de la armonía me trae recuerdos! me it gibs mi jarmoni tu!